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Aquifer is our new online literary supplement to The Florida Review print edition. As with the print magazine, we consider literary fiction that takes many different approaches, from experimental to minimalist to psychologically-nuanced realism. We have published flash fiction, short-shorts, and very long, sustained narratives. There's no set page limit, but a novella or story over 21 pages would need to be exceptionally strong to merit so many pages in an issue.

Novel excerpts will be considered only if they work as stand-alone pieces.

Please note that you will be given the opportunity to "add on" a subscription to our print magazine with this submission. You will receive a discounted submitter rate of $18.00 for a 1-year subscription (normally $20.00). You might want to consider this a discount on your submission--as a subscriber, you will now be given one Aquifer submission for free. It's a damn good deal either way!