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The Florida Review has a tradition of recognizing new art forms--we were one of the first literary magazines to publish graphic narrative, and, before that, to open our pages to creative nonfiction. Now we would like to recognize that digital stories are an art form as well and publish some of the best in our new web magazine, Aquifer: The Florida Review Online.

Submit digital stories, both interactive and non-interactive, for consideration.  For digital stories in a linear format, we are looking for 3-5 minute digital stories that combine images, voiceover narration, and, as appropriate, music, sound effects, and/or video.  Compelling personal narratives concerning a variety of topics will be considered for online publication. While it is fine if these digital stories come out particular coursework or projects, please make sure they are revised for a general audience. We seek work that speaks beyond a particular course context and resonate with wider audiences. Digital stories should be submitted in .MP4 or .MOV format, and authors should include a title screen that lists story title and full author name, as well as a credits screen at the end that lists all image and other content sources unless they are the property of the storyteller (for example, personal photographs). In addition, here you should list any course or project for which the story was originally created.

For interactive digital stories, we can publish interactive narratives that publish to the Web, such as those written using Inklewriter, Twine, etc.  These stories can be fictional or non-fictional.  Please submit the Web link for the story if submitting an interactive narrative for consideration (either within Submittable or within the body of an email sent to Natalie.Underberg-Goode@ucf.edu).  Re-publishing is possible with permission of the original publisher (if applicable).

Please ensure that you have the right to use and share online all digital story content before submitting.  Please note that before publishing any work, we will ask for a signed publication agreement that confirms you have acquired permission for use of any visual, auditory, or other work not your own included in your digital story, and that you accept full responsibility for doing so.

We charge a minimal submission fee in order to support the technical aspects of our online publication and to help us maintain a high level of quality submissions.  We know that in an ideal world artists and writers would be the only ones getting paid, but we can't operate without our submitters' and suscribers' support.  We hope that, in return, we will give our artists and writers much-deserved recognition, excellent artistic company, and a gateway to further opportunities.

Please note that you will be given the opportunity to "add on" a subscription to our print magazine to this submission. You will receive a discounted submitter rate of $18.00 for a 1-year subscription). Or you might want to consider this a discount to our subscribers on submissions, meaning that our submission fee drops to zero for print subscribers. It's a damn good deal either way!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.