We consider black and white art for interior pages and color (or black and white) art for covers. Artists may submit up to four works for consideration.

We ask your understanding that we often hold onto visual art submissions for quite some time. Because we only print two issues and one chapbook a year in print--and because the moods and themes of these are often determined by the content--we like to keep even older submissions on hand in case there's a match. We don't mean to keep anyone hanging, and we understand that you will be submitting your work elsewhere as well. If you don't want us to continue to hold onto your submission, please withdraw it. And please know that eventually you will hear from us.

Please note that you will be given the opportunity to "add on" a  subscription to this submission. You will receive a discounted submitter  rate of $18.00 for a 1-year subscription). Or you might want to  consider this a discount to our subscribers on submissions, meaning that  our submission fee drops to $1.00 for subscribers. It's a damn good deal either way!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.