$4.00 USD, $6.00 USD
Reading less expensive back issues is a great way for prospective Florida Review authors to get familiar with what we publish and see whether your work might fit. Because we want to support all our prospective writers, we're offering a special rate (through Submittalbe only) on back issues--just $4.00 for a single issue or $6.00 for a double issue, with tax, shipping, and handling included! That's a great rate for 150 to 275 pages of great fiction, creative nonfiction, graphic narrative, and poetry!

Choose from the back issues at our website: https://floridareview.cah.ucf.edu/backissues.php. (Please note that if we sell out of a particular issue, we will ask to substitute a similar one.)

Back issues are also a great way to introduce students to cutting-edge contemporary writing. To order multiple copies of one issue, please use our order form at The Florida Review website. https://floridareview.cah.ucf.edu/subscriptions.php