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The Florida Review seeks reviews of recent (published within the past two years) books, especially those published by small literary and university presses. Length: 500-1000 words.

We also are looking for essay-like reviews in which the reviewer contemplates 2 to 5 books, providing readers with a sense of the merits and focus of each of the books as well as putting those books in conversation with each other, their subject, and/or some aspect of contemporary writing or culture. Length: Up to 4,500 words.

Please note that we do not review books that are self-published. We also seldom publish reviews of books of biography, history, natural sciences, or other reference topics. We are looking for reviews of books with literary merit that might otherwise not receive the attention they deserve.

As of 2017, we will be publishing all our book reviews in Aquifer: The Florida Review Online, where they will be accessible to a widespread audience. Longer review essays will be considered for publication in either print or online.

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