Aquifer: The Florida Review Online is now accepting submissions of author interviews. Guidelines:

* The author should have at least one full-length book published by a reputable publisher.

* The interview should follow the format on our website. Please note that we can't reformat your interview for you. Please do look at examples on our website.

* We generally publish interviews that run 3,000 to 5,000 words. It's not that we automatically reject anything longer, but please make sure that your interview is shaped and edited, not just a transcription of a long and lovely chat that you had. Interviews should have focus, purpose, and concision.

* You will need to attest to the fact that you have permission from the interviewee to publish the interview and that the author approves the written content. Sometimes we say things in a conversation that we don't want to see online in print. Make sure that your author is happy with the interview in writing. Please provide us with contact information for the author so that we will be able to send the link to the interview once it is published.

* We often like to run a photo of the author along with the interview, so it would be beneficial to indicate in your cover letter whether you could acquire one from the author (and/or provide us with that contact information).

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.